We believe that our management team's experience and SPAC market insight will allow us to efficiently identify and prioritize competitive processes for targets that are most viable for the SPAC structure, and broader public market. We believe our management team and founders’ expertise will provide us with a competitive advantage as a result of the following; 

  • End-to-End SPAC Origination and Execution Capabilities.Our management team expects that its track record and reputation as a trusted SPAC partner and advisor to numerous private companies will be viewed favorably by target businesses and their advisors and provide comfort on our ability to identify and consummate an initial business combination in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Deal-Making and Capital Markets Experience Through all Market Cycles.In addition to managing SPAC transactions as principals, our management team has experience advising on mergers, structuring SPAC business combinations, and raising equity and debt capital in a wide variety of market conditions. We believe stand-alone knowledge of SPAC mechanics and market precedents, as well as experience in navigating varying market conditions will be essential for SPAC teams to have long-term durability and success.
  • Experience Across Industries and Financing Structures for SPACs.Collectively, members of our management team have a track record across numerous industries of advising on and completing SPAC transactions with positive stock price performance and minimal redemptions. These SPAC transactions encompassed industries including, but are not limited to, mobility, technology, transportation, new energy, industrial services, hospitality, healthcare technologies, consumer, media and space technologies. We believe a successful SPAC sponsor team has the capability to identify industries with the greatest probability of public-market success at various points across the business cycle.
  • Proprietary Sourcing Channels and Relationships.We will use a proactive approach to sourcing through our extensive network of private company clients, investment bankers, private equity and debt investors, high net worth families and their advisors, commercial bankers, attorneys, management  consultants, accountants and other transaction intermediaries, as well as corporate sector executives and board members. We expect this approach to provide our management team with a flow of proprietary referrals. We believe this provides us with a unique access to industry, geographic and functional expertise that will assist us in sourcing and critically evaluating potential initial business combination targets.
  • Ability to Successfully Navigate Competitive SPAC Processes.Our management team has extensive experience participating in these competitive processes, as well as leading and structuring them as representatives of the target businesses. As a result, we believe we have unique knowledge of how to optimally position ourselves to be the winning SPAC in the event we have to compete. Because we know the key metrics used in a SPAC selection process and the types of processes that are most likely to result in a positive outcome for the company, we can prioritize those competitive processes where we believe we have the greatest chance of success.
  • Operating Partners.Our management team and directors have an extensive network of relationships with respected and experienced business leaders in many industries. As we identify potential targets, we intend to engage industry experts in our network as necessary to assist in the due diligence, evaluation and positioning of such targets, which may also enhance our credibility with targets.