Our strategy is to leverage our team’s extensive track record in SPAC-related mergers & acquisitions and capital markets to identify and complete an initial business combination with a target in an industry and in a process where we believe our management team and founders’ expertise will provide us with a competitive advantage. This may include, without limitation, targets in industries such as mobility, technology, transportation, new energy, software, infrastructure, consumer, defense and cybersecurity, business and real estate services, financial and data services, healthcare, diversified industrial manufacturing, technology, distribution and services, as well as companies that help to address evolving environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) related issues. We will intend to distinguish ourselves from other SPAC sponsor teams through three key dimensions of experience: 

  • Our ability to leverage an extensive global network of relationships to create a significant pipeline of initial business combination opportunities;
  • Unique capabilities and rigor to the process of identifying, executing and consummating an initial business combination that will be well-received in the public markets; and
  • Our understanding of global financial markets and events, financing and overall corporate strategy options.

James Graf’s track includes the evaluation of hundreds of potential SPAC business combination opportunities resulting in five successfully-closed transactions, and, where required, ongoing support of these transactions as newly-public entities. Our full management team provides a unique set of capabilities and understanding of the critical success factors for expeditious and efficient execution of a SPAC business combination. Our management team believes this unique and relevant experience can guide us to most effectively evaluate potential opportunities and execute a transaction as quickly and prudently as possible, driving significant value for our stockholders.